Dentistry In The 6ix

Static webpage built using GatsbyJS and Wordpress API


Toronto-based dental clinic Dentistry in the 6ix, who were looking for a website “that didn’t look like your average dental clinic website”


  • Stack: GatsbyJS, Wordpress
  • Hosted: DigitalOcean (Ubuntu)
  • CI/CL Runner: Gitlab
  • Database: Default MySQL


Performance, simplicity, and flexibility were all important to the client, so I advised that building a static site was the best choice.

Wordpress is a CMS the client was comfortable with, but this website didn’t require to be "dynamic" since the content would not be frequently created or updated. Therefore this site was a good candidate for me to go headless and use the Wordpress API.

I chose Gatsby because it has a good community and support backing it up, it also allows me to build it using ReactJS.

The end result was a lightweight, modern marketing site that is easy to maintain. Without having to worry about theme or plugin updates, the client can focus on running their business and making patients smile.

PS - I also designed the website, too :-)