Software MVP built with React and suppported by Airtable


Cohost enables hotel staff to unify guest data across hotel systems to paint a single picture of a guests stay. Save time by automating daily tasks and issue resolutions, freeing up time and attention to improve guest experiences.

Features include:

  • Sort and list as report of reservation status of each hotel room
  • Fetch profile data of a user
  • Reservations of a specific user and its details
  • Housekeeping status of the hotel


  • Stack: Node(Express), React/Redux
  • Platform: Front
  • Hosted: Heroku
  • CI/CL Runner: Gitlab
  • Database: Airtable
  • Automation: Zapier/Lambda
  • Oauth: Okta
  • Debug: Sentry


Working with a small startup team, my goal was to quickly and efficiently build an MVP to handle customer data for a handful of boutique hotels in Toronto.

To create the most value in a short amount of time, I decided to leverage existing tools to streamline the process:

I built a custom plugin for Front, an inbox management app, through a SPA to handle customer data. Behind the application, I used Airtable as a database + API, and Zapier for automation (now Lambda) to handle CRUD operations. The front end was built with React for the sake of speed and flexibility.

Although Airtable was capable to process a solid amount of data, it also had its limitations. Have a node server running was helpful to process additional data. Redux was used to handle the states that serves on the client side.

I learned a lot by working on Cohost, especially automations, by applying scripts to Zapier and using AWS lambda functions later for webhooks.